The River is Flowing

Revival is starting. The River is flowing. Joy and hope are in the air and God is opening up strategic prayers for our city.

We are increasingly aware that the changes God wants to bring to our city are preceded by prayers that are guided by the Holy Spirit to be in alignment with his plans and purposes.

Therefore to process transformation the body of Christ has to first connect with God in prayer empowered by the Holy Spirit. Church together opens up city-wide inspired prayers, teaching and guidance that must be in alignment with the Word of God. This includes Bible teaching, checking and cross referencing, words of knowledge, prophetic insights, the sharing of relevant visions, dreams and stories of transformation. This healthy spectrum of prayer motivates God’s people and releases power to move out of the status quo into the future where God is already moving.

We are learning how God intends to move across our city to bring the domains of the city into the dominion of his son. Domains such as education, health, justice, business, government, the creative arts and media etc. When the domains of the city honour the Lord’s prayer “your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” then these domains become Kings-Domains or Kingdom. This is fresh revelation on the nature of the growing renewal across our city and nation. Heaven knows we need it!

These radical changes for good occur as the Holy Spirit guides us into praying the Father’s will into reality (Matt 6:10). This is a process of hunger, humility, consistency and obedience.

The overriding simple purposes of renewal are these:

  • God wants his son glorified in our city
  • Jesus wants his people to know who he really is
  • The Holy Spirit wants to guide us on the journey as our helper.