Healing from high blood pressure at conference

“I have a personal special thank you to the Lord for healing me from my hypertension on Friday night while Dr Cho was praying. I was diagnosed a few years ago with very high blood pressure that was not related to my lifestyle. I look after myself and I have a healthy lifestyle, and it was therefore attributed to be genetic. The GP condemned me to having to take BP tablets for the rest of my days unless I wanted to die from a stroke before the age of 60. I accepted that at the time.

But at the beginning of this year, God promised me he would heal me. I did not know quite how or when but I firmly believed in my heart that he would. When Dr Cho was praying that Friday evening and naming a few conditions, I was inwardly praying “what about blood pressure?” and as soon as that question popped in my mind, he said it. I knew there and then that this was meant for me (and others possibly in the assembly) but definitely for me. I stopped taking the tablets. It’s now almost 3 weeks. Last time I had my BP checked, the reading was good. Praise the Lord!”