God’s Heart for the 21st Century

David McCracken will be speaking at the conference on Friday 10 May on the topic of God’s heart for the 21st Century Church. David is well recognized as a leader who walks with integrity and Godly character in the prophetic ministry of Eph 4:11. In a day where gifts can often cover a lack of Christ‐like character, David believes that there is no substitute or shortcut for a personal and intimate relationship with God. David’s passion is for the Church to live in this place of intimacy with the Father and see that reflected in an increase of true spiritual authority.

David McCracken

As I am writing this I am anticipating a family gathering in two days time. Including all children, grandchildren, Margaret’s sister and husband, plus the two of us, we will have 16.  And every person so totally different and on a different stage of their spiritual journey. Do we agree on every issue? No. But do we love each other? Absolutely!

If that fills my father’s heart with joy and anticipation I can hardly imagine what our Father feels when He anticipates this coming get-together of so many of His children from so many different Streams of His family. The united Celebration of His Son as rightful King of this nation and this city, must bring Him so much joy!

It is also a time when the declaration of Jesus as King will undoubtably have great impact on the demonic principalities and powers that harass and plunder the lives of those we love in our City. We are locked into an enormous spiritual battle that is raging for the souls of those we love and my Bible is clear that: “one will put 1000 to flight but two (in unity) will put 10,000 to flight!” “Where brethren gather together in unity, God COMMANDS,”. This conference will send a huge message out that we have not surrendered our City or our Nation but are determined that it will feel the full weight of Father’s redeeming love through the Lordship of His Son, Jesus.

Finally, it will declare that the Truth that unites us is far greater than the minors that seem to divide us. With all the negative media flack in recent times, this Conference has great potential to demonstrate the unity, strength, compassion and redeeming love of His Church as one Body. We will declare our love for God, our love for each other, our love for the people of our City and that Jesus is truly The Answer!

My friends, if you want to rejoice our Father’s heart, if you want to drive back the demonic forces over our City, if you want to make a declaration of our Christian unity, if you want to celebrate Jesus’ compassion and love for the people of our Nation, you will plan to come!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Walking in the wonder of Father’s love,