Re-formation Vision

Re-formation not only refers to continuation of the reformation that commenced in the sixteenth century, but also the re-forming of Western Christian mindsets and church structures to re-engage with the original heart and mind of Jesus when he established the church in Matthew 16:13-20.

Here is a spectrum of scriptures to build up our Christian world view: Genesis 1:28Daniel 2:31-45Acts 2:34Romans 9:30-331 Cor 15:22-25Ephesians 1:22Colossians 1:15-20Hebrews 2:6-91 Peter 2:4-9Revelation 11:15 and Revelation 19:11-16

Psalm 110 is the most quoted Psalm in the New Testament. This teaching makes it clear that the enemies of Jesus will become a footstool for his feet, that Jesus will rule in the midst of his enemies and that his troops will be willing in the day of his battle. This is not just about individual Christianity but about nations:

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:11-12.

Through scripture and the Holy Spirit we learn that the Body of Christ is mandated to bring forth the divine order and blessing of the Kingdom of God in an otherwise disorderly world.

How then will Christian Federation contribute to this mandate?

Here is a Projection of our CF Objectives in 2025
Christian Federation exists to catalyse and facilitate strategic shifts in culture through church and marketplace re-formation. This will release Biblical principles across the domains or spheres of influence in our society. As a national entity, with 300 Kingdom Partners CF attracts connections, resources and support to facilitate strategic objectives and tactical initiatives in the domains. CF has developed a wider bandwidth that is assisting our partners expand their kingdom impact on the culture (Matt 6:10) in:

Family and Health
CF partners are working collaboratively to withstand global forces attempting to destroy God’s covenant marriage relationship. Our partners have also established collaborative strategies to restore doctor’s conscience provisions in abortion legislation and to provide opt-out clean feed on the internet.

There has been a progressive shift from silo mentalities towards collaboration in locations. CF has created a hub whereby its partners can speak with “one voice” on major issues of national importance. Churches are now working together to mentor civic, professional and business people. They now prioritise training and equipping for the marketplace.

CF has connected individuals and organisations who are pursuing the Kingdom principles of justice, righteousness and cooperative productivity in business. CF partners are helping more business, civic and professional people achieve their kingdom callings in the marketplace. This provides employment, goods and services in accordance with Kingdom principles. Kingdom business also fulfils its calling to financially resource Church and mission.

CF partners have developed curriculum to teach the application of biblical principles to influence marketplace behaviours. Bible college representatives are meeting to collaborate on the execution of strategic marketplace initiatives. Educators have developed new and innovative ways for students to consistently and publicly honour the authority and influence of the Gospel in the operation of their roles in society.

Christian presence in the political process of local, state and federal government is now on par or exceeds non-Christian influence. Many political careers are being 'seeded' and mobilised to pursue a defined strategy of engagement across domains in the public square. This deliberate strategy is helping to facilitate convergent objectives across all domains.

as an outcome of CF collaboration a national Christian Legal conference has been established to protect against persecution and to establish collaborative missional activity against human trafficking and abuse of the marginalised.

Media and the Arts
the Gospel has re-established an influential presence in media and the arts evidenced by an overt representation of Christian participants in cultural events, nominated current affairs, infotainment and other programmes. CF partners are also directly engaged in the appointment, mentoring and support of leaders in the Board and Executive of targeted media and arts entities. These gatekeepers are also implementing clean feed content into the lounge rooms of the nation.

Sport and Recreation
the capacity of the church to reach the nation has been significantly multiplied through improved church integration with chaplaincy in sports clubs that can reach 75% of the population.

CF partners are working collaboratively to counter substance abuse and to help those in need in the name of Jesus.

Transformation Delivery
CF provides a hub that develops clear collaborative strategic leadership in the domains. CF is not a controlling or auditing body but rather a catalyst to innovation, netweaving and cross-fertilisation. This multiplies Kingdom outcomes in efficient time frames while maintaining our duty of care for God’s creation.

We are located in the advantage line of the gospel in Asia and Oceania. This positions us in Asian cultures that are more aligned with the biblical principles of honour, traditional marriage, nuclear family and fathering (Malachi 4:6 & Luke 1:17).  Our future is not defined by the downsides of Western Christianity but by revival and re-formation in our band of longitude with a gospel trajectory back to Jerusalem (Matt 24:14).


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