Monthly Archives: March 2017

There are four major forces at war with Christ for the future of Australia:

  1. Militant Islam
  2. Militant Homosexuality
  3. Militant Atheism
  4. Hedonism.

At the moment, the church is losing. It is fragmented, compromised with pornography, implicated in child sexual abuse, pervasively Luke warm and fearful of the politically correct.

While this does not reflect some of the great things that are happening in the wider church… only Jesus knows the full scale of the collapse of mainstream denominational Christianity in this nation as typified, for example, by decommissioned churches functioning as restaurants and many elderly congregations just hanging on.

Yet over the next three years we have to fight four major battlesĀ that cannot be avoided. The following battles will define the future of Australia for decades to come…

  1. (un)Safe Schools in the WA State election where a diabolical confluence of Islam, the Greens and Labor are seeking to defeat our Judeo/Christian based Australian way of life;

  2. A coming battle over Euthanasia in Victoria that will have serious national implications;

  3. (un)Safe Schools, Radical Gender Theory and police-state controls over home-schooling that will be at the front lines of the culture wars in the VIC, SA and QLD state elections in 2018;

  4. War against man-woman marriage and unsustainable national debt that will be fought tooth and nail in the 2019 Federal election (unless it comes earlier).

Remember that if Daniel Andrews is re-elected in Victoria in 2018 he will make (un)Safe Schools compulsory – and remember that Bill Shorten will make Same Sex Marriage compulsory policy in the Labor Party from 2019.

So how do we successfully stand against evil?

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

While this is true on a personal level, it is also true in how we fight for values and how we vote in elections. We must be a well-informed, praying and influential united federation of Christians who use the gift of our democratic voice and vote to defend our values and our freedoms… otherwise we will lose the nation to the enemy in the culture wars over the next three years.

This is a true reflection of the current reality in which we live. I wish it were not so.

But we can win!

By praying and working together we won the fight against the Religious Exceptions Bill and the iniquitous Birth Certificate Bill in the Victorian Parliament last year. Already this year an outrageous abortion bill has been defeated in the Queensland Parliament. And over the last decade some 20 attempts to implement Same Sex marriage have been defeated in the nation’s parliaments through the prayers and hard work of the true ecclesia of the Kingdom of God.

This message is a word of encouragement to our WA brothers and sisters to choose candidates and parties who stand for the values of the Kingdom of God in their elections this coming weekend.

In the coming elections of Governments and Councils we now have to reject Labor, the Greens and independents whose policies are to:

  • enforce unbiblical sexuality and radical gender theory on our children in our schools
  • implement assisted suicide through proposed euthanasia laws
  • break down God’s way of marriage as between a man and a woman.

    Homosexuals are only around 1.5% of the population and they have the equality equivalent of civil unions. Marriage is purposely different. It celebrates the complementarity of men and women to produce children and raise families.

These are bedrock foundations of a civil society based on our identity in Christ. To deny God on these issues is as stupid as former follies such as a tax on windows andĀ a tax on trees.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let this be our guiding light in all things – and especially how we fight for values and how we vote in the coming elections.