There are four major forces at war with Christ for the future of Australia: Militant Islam Militant Homosexuality Militant Atheism Hedonism. At the moment, the church is losing. It is fragmented, compromised with pornography, implicated in child sexual abuse, pervasively Luke warm and fearful of the politically correct. While this does not reflect some of the great things that are happening in the wider church… only Jesus knows the full scale of the collapse of mainstream denominational Christianity in this nation as typified, for example, by decommissioned churches functioning as restaurants and many elderly congregations just hanging on. Yet …Continue Reading »

Family Love beats Culture Wars

Over the last century our family has been through the worst global upheavals of history, including two world wars. On my Father’s side all his family, with the exception of one survivor, were murdered in the ovens at Auschwitz. This was the result of extreme Right Nazi politics. Post World War 2 our family was split by the extreme Left politics of Stalin, communism and the resulting cold war. In Ireland, our family survived the “troubles” that split a nation with the politics of violence and anarchy. And now we see anger and hatred dividing the world in a …Continue Reading »

Rapacious Attack on Israel’s Right to Exist this Weekend

This Sunday 15 January 2017, Seventy nations will meet in Paris to try and enforce the establishment of a Palestinian State on Israeli land. Here is a brief summary and a call to action. Israel is accused of occupying Palestinian land – but is this true? The title deeds to the land are written in the Bible and were endorsed by the UN in 1948. These deeds are part of an everlasting covenant initiated by God with his chosen people and affirmed over and over again in the Word of God. You can click on the following links to read …Continue Reading »

Revolution or Re-Formation?

In 2008, 85 Australian laws were changed to remove discrimination against LGBTIQ people. They were also given civil registers in five states. However, we are now in a revolution where the battle over the understanding of marriage is a tipping point. This revolution is not good. It’s releasing a spirit of fear, intimidation and false accusations across the nation. What we are experiencing is an outcome of a 20-year homosexual strategy that his five major steps: 1) Request for tolerance, 2) Demand acceptance, 3) Celebrate homosexuality, 4) Force participation, and finally 5) Punish anyone who disagrees. This is why some 90% …Continue Reading »

Triumph of identity politics over open debate (The Australian)

Triumph of identity politics over open debate Excerpt from an article in The Australian by Greg Sheridan September 15, 2016 The single most depressing aspect of the debate about the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite is the determination that there not be a debate — more than that, the authoritarian, censorious, profoundly illiberal strain that the very business of debating the issue is somehow insulting if not illegal. As Malcolm Turnbull observed, some in the opposition seemed to imply that if you didn’t live in a family with two gay parents, you had no right to have a view on …Continue Reading »