7-Step Action Plan

How to make a difference on pivotal issues
that affect our city, state and nation...

Start Here:  7-Step Action Plan

Step 1)  Top Issues Affecting our Nation

Step 2)  Print the 7-Step Action Plan 7 Times

Step 3)  Join a Political Party or Action Group

Step 4)  Identify your Local, State and Federal Politicians

Step 5)  Visit, Email or Write to Your Local, State and Federal Politicians

Step 6)  Respond to Your Local Newspaper, Radio or TV Station

Step 7)  Be Part of the Conversation

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About the 7-Step Action Plan
This plan has been designed to help Australians engage effectively with others, from friends and family to local communities including political representatives. Our intention is to help the silent majority give voice to their concerns about the troubling ideologies such as Cultural Marxism and progressive liberal political agendas that have been increasingly and systematically destabilising our nation for decades.

The 7-Step Action Plan outlines nearly twenty concerning topics, but specifically identifies the three serious issues that are currently being promoted through our state and federal governments, and education departments -
  • 2017  Euthanasia and Anti-pornography
  • 2018  Five State Elections - Safe Schools
  • 2019  Federal Election - Same Sex Marriage
In an easy to read format, with links to many information pages and helpful ‘How-to’ pages, the 7-Step Action Plan will help people with a heart for our nation to be informed of the dangers, connected with like-minded people and practically helped in their attempts to have their voices heard.

This 7-Step Action Plan is designed to be shared. We trust that you will find this a valuable tool in becoming more proactive on the topics that mean a lot to each of us.

If we all do these steps repeatedly it will result in Australia’s silent majority becoming a knowledgeable and courageous force that brings about significant change for good on these pivotal issues.

If you are aware of an organization that would be suitable to add to the 7-Step Action Plan, we encourage you to forward the detail to us at: admin@christianfederation.net.au


7 Step Action Plan


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